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Protecta Deep Channel



Where good looks and shading are your priority, our Deep Channel Awning System is the right solution.

Flawless in operation and robust in appearance, the Deep Channel system shares the same aesthetic and functional attributes as the Z3 system, minus the wind resistance technology.

Whether you are looking for the simplicity of spring operation, the reliability of crank operation or the high-tech motorised option, all are available. The lockable bottom rail option can also be used for greater security in spring operated systems.

Benefits & Features

  • Central Locking Bottom Rail system^
  • Extend your outdoor living area
  • Can be installed in both face fit and reveal fit applications
  • Full aluminium extrusion system
  • Available in spring, gearbox or motor operations
  • Central Locking system - with lockable bottom rail in spring systems
  • 10mm adjustable tolerance on each side (for out of square applications)
  • Available in 5 standard + 40 custom hardware colours
  • Optimised for industry leading ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric
  • 5 year warranty
LOCKABLE Bottom Rail^ Only available with spring operation configuration
Up to 5.8m# MAX Width

Operation Options


^ Bottom Rail cannot be left locked in high wind conditions. Only available on Z3 Side Channel and Deep Channel Awnings up to 4m wide with spring operation only.

Deep Channel Bottom Rail Options


Brings spring operated systems greater security, and removes fabric 'creep'. The lockable bottom rail is conveniently controlled centrally and can be set at multiple locking points based on individual preferences.


Used in motorised and gearbox operated systems, the weighted bottom rail assists in smooth, consistent operation every time.

Multi-Stop and Guide Rail systems use a 5 Sided Bottom/Front Rail. Pivot Arm Awnings utilise a matching D-Shaped front rail.

External awnings, made better

Protecta Overview

Features & Benefits

ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric

ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric is the perfect fit, complementing the range of Protecta Awning Systems.

It offers sun and glare protection, and has been put to the test in high wind areas. ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric features fantastic outward visibility with just enough inward light filtration; offering a mid to high-level of privacy from the outside world during the day.

Shades range from the light, natural tones of sandstone and pebble to the more industrially-inspired hues of ebony and slate grey while being backed by our 5 year guarantee.

Built for durability
to withstand the harsh Australian climate


Giving you peace of mind, our quality standards ensure you are getting the best value.


Our ScreenView Exterior Screen Fabric has a 5% openness factor, ideal for maximum privacy while retaining views.





Custom Colours

Pair your existing exterior colour with our custom powder-coated colour range.

Screenview 5%
Fabric Colours

Create your outdoor
living space

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