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Protecta Awning Systems lead the way in external blind innovation

With an abundance of hidden features and innovations, Protecta Awning Systems give you options that will exceed expectations and deliver a great experience throughout the range.


Protection against the wind

Systems with this feature

Making an impact and taking a stand against windy or gusty conditions has our selected Protecta Awning Systems leading the way in awning wind resistant technology.

We put our Z3 Side Channel to the test with James Cook University - for details, click here.

Protection against the sun

Systems with this feature

Every Protecta Awning System increases protection against harmful UV rays, while also reducing glare. Another benefit to limiting the amount of light filtering inside is the positive impact it can have in prolonging the life of things like furniture and carpet.

Protection against insects

Systems with this feature

Selected systems within the Protecta range help you keep out those that weren’t invited. When equipping our selected side channel systems with weather/bug strips you can make the most of those balmy evenings without insects buzzing around leaving you in peace.

Protection against rain

Systems with this feature

Break the impact of rain by creating a protective barrier that provides extra shelter even when it rains. Protecta Awning Systems give you an easy and convenient solution making rain less of an issue.

External awnings, made better

Protecta Overview

Features & Benefits

Operation Options

It's all about choice. Based on personal choice or application, there is an operation system perfect for your requirements. A value for money, spring operation, a gearbox operating system for those that don't like to bend or reach, or the convenience of motorization, especially for large awnings.


Ideal for large awnings and when you would like to operate more than one awning in one push of a button, or connecting your awnings to a wind sensor then motorization is the perfect choice for you.



A good value for money option, quick and easy to use.


For those awnings that are high to reach, or for those that don't like to bend to lift their awnings, a gearbox option is ideal and very easy to use.

Headbox / Hooding Options

Adding to PROTECTA Awning Systems array of customisations, you have the choice to select Full Hood^, Half Hood or No Hooding at all with your system of choice.

Functional & aesthetic | Clean looking curves with no visible joining lines




^Full Hooding not available on Guide Rail or Pivot Awnings

Bottom Rails


Brings spring operated systems greater security, and removes fabric 'creep'. The lockable bottom rail is conveniently controlled centrally and can be set at multiple locking points based on individual preferences.


Used in motorised and gearbox operated systems, the weighted bottom rail assists in smooth, consistent operation every time.

Multi-Stop and Guide Rail systems use a 5 Sided Bottom/Front Rail. Pivot Arm Awnings utilise a matching D-Shaped front rail.

ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric

ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric is the perfect fit, complementing the range of Protecta Awning Systems.

It offers sun and glare protection, and has been put to the test in high wind areas. ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric features fantastic outward visibility with just enough inward light filtration; offering a mid to high-level of privacy from the outside world during the day.

Shades range from the light, natural tones of sandstone and pebble to the more industrially-inspired hues of ebony and slate grey while being backed by our 10 year guarantee.


Custom Colours

Pair your existing exterior colour with our custom powder-coated colour range.

Screenview 5%
Fabric Colours

Create your outdoor
living space

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