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Side Channel

Our most advanced full featured system packaged with unique benefits.

Colour, Operation Type, Hooding

Protecta Awning Systems gives you an array of options to customise.

A new era in awnings

Whether you want to reduce heat and sun glare in rooms, increase protection from the elements or you want to transform your outdoor entertaining area into a sheltered, private oasis - PROTECTA Awning Systems have a solution to cover your needs.

Experiencing the PROTECTA difference... You will be drawn to the fact that these awnings are more than practical. They are in a class of their own, bringing quality, functionally, simplicity and ease of use while offering customisations for specific requirements when and where needed.

If you have a single or multi-storied property or business, PROTECTA Awning Systems can provide a range of options to suit many applications. If you require the convenience of automation for upper level awnings while wanting the practicality of spring operation in higher traffic zones, like patios, pergolas or pool areas, this is the ideal product.

Why Protecta?

  • 8 Systems to choose from
  • Consistent 'unified' look around the whole property
  • Available with, Full hooding*, Half hooding or no Hooding
  • Seamless head box design
  • Operation options: Motorisation | Spring | Gearbox
  • Modern & Lightweight Design
  • Colour options - hardware: 5 Standard +40 custom
  • 5 Year Warranty on hardware
  • 10 Year Warranty on ScreenView 5% Exterior Screen Fabric
  • Independently tested (Z3 Side Channel)
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Face fit or reveal fit window options
  • Easy access maintenance
  • Can cover areas up to 5.8m wide & 3.6m drop*
*Available on selected systems and configurations only.

Meet the 8 systems of the Protecta Family

Protecta Z3 Side Channel

Protecta Z3 Side Channel Awning is the ultimate in all-weather protection.

Protecta Multi-Stop

Stop and secure at any position for superior light and glare control.

Protecta Xtra Large

When you need to cover a wide open alfresco living area up to 5.8m.

Protecta Wire Guide

Designed for large openings, the wire guide will keep everything secure, even in light breezes.

Protecta Pivot Arm

Deflect heat and glare while maximising light, ventilation and privacy.

Protecta Guide Rail

Shade your windows from direct sunlight without losing out on fresh air, breezes and uninterrupted views.

Protecta Straight Drop

Perfect for providing extra privacy & sun protection where required.

Protecta Deep Channel

Where good looks and shading are your priority, our Deep Channel Awning System is the right solution.

External awnings, made better

Protecta Overview

Features & Benefits

Create your outdoor
living space

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Custom Colours

Pair your existing exterior colour with our custom powder-coated colour range.

Screenview 5%
Fabric Colours


Customise your awning to suit your individual preferences and complement existing structures the way you want.

Protecta Awning Systems have been designed with a focus on user experience at the centre of our decisions, this is why PROTECTA's usability and functionality are quality, lightweight and easy to use while remaining durable and reliable.


Here you can find what type of operation option is suitable for each Protecta Awning System

Headbox / Hooding

With Protecta, you get the option of having Full, Half or no hooding on selected systems

Bottom Rails

With our diverse range of systems comes our unified bottom rails specific to each system or operation type

Built for durability
to withstand the harsh Australian climate


Giving you peace of mind, our quality standards ensure you are getting the best value.


Our Exterior Screen Fabric with a 5% openness factor is ideal for maximum privacy while retaining views.

A reputation you can trust
Created by an industry leader with over 50+ years of innovation - Uniline Australia

Retailers - to find a PROTECTA Wholesale Manufacturer near you, please contact your local sales representative or Uniline directly.